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Hydraulic Cover Lifter

Ultralift is corrosion-resistant. Compression gas springs provide extra lift assistance, making it simple for one person to remove the lid with minimal effort. Replacing the cover is equally easy, enabling an individual to return the cover securely to the correct position which reduces heat loss from your spa.

Ultralift is easy-to-use and fits virtually every size, shape and brand of spa!

The Hydraulic Mount cover lifter attaches to the side of your spa, acting as a privacy screen when in the open position.

girl lifting hot tub cover

Now you’re Covered!

Now you can carry the right cover lifter for all your customers’ needs. Introducing Ultralift – the new spa cover lifter that fits virtually every size, shape and brand of spa.

Unique Sliding-Bracket Mounting System

Ultralift’s patented sliding brackets mount to the deck or directly to the side of the spa and adjust to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Fits Virtually Every Spa

Ultralift adjusts easily to fit round, square and even angled-corner spas.

Safe and Simple Design

Ultralift’s elegantly simple design includes a built-in locking pin to hold the open cover safely in place.

Height-Adjustable for Privacy

Ultralift lets customers adjust the open cover height to their liking – high for greater privacy or low for an unobstructed view.

Easy Installation

Ultralift can be installed in less than an hour with a just a drill, screwdriver and a few other basic tools.

Sturdy and Durable

Ultralift features sturdy 11/4” diameter aluminum tubing and corrosion-resistant powder-coating for years of reliable, worry-free service.

Standard Mount


The Boomerang is the second generation Visionlift. We have eliminated the need to drill a secondary bracket location and streamlined the design.

Using a dual shock system, it lifts the cover and places it behind the tub- providing the user with a clean visual line- allowing your client to see your backyard, socialize with guests and keep an eye on any children or pets while using their hot tub. The Visionlift provides a full 360 degree view.


  • Made in North America
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Aluminum Brackets
  • Galvanized Arms
  • 110lb Dual Gas Shocks
  • Positions Cover Fully Behind Hot Tub
  • Max Cover Width: 98”
  • Clearance Required: 10-14” & 5” on the Side


Cover can be easily folded by one person and left on the end of the spa, leaving 3/4 of the spa accessible.


  • 3”- 2” / 4”- 2” / 4”- 3” / 5”- 3” / 5”- 4” and 6”- 4” tapered covers
  • 4” insulating foam has 17.5R factor
  • 6 pieces aluminum ‘C’ channel for greater strength
  • Minimal water absorption: foam is heat sealed in plastic bag
  • Durable marine grade top vinyl with U.V. & mildew inhibitors
  • Vinyl laminated bottom material
  • Safety latches
  • Reinforced handles
  • Full 3” skirt for improved heat retention
  • Custom made in 22 attractive colors

Under Mount