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Hot Tub Cover Cap

The Cover Cap is made from tough, durable woven polyethylene and is designed to protect your spa or spa cover during the harsh winter months. When the spa is closed for the winter, the Cover Cap with a 38” skirt fits over the rigid cover and is long enough to cover the sides of the spa skirt. The Cover Cap is complete with elastic hem to secure it for the winter. When the spa is running all winter then the Cover Cap with a 12” skirt and elastic sewn into the hem, fits easily over the rigid spa cover to protect it from the winter elements.

Elastic In Hem – Standard Sizes:

  • 7’x7’x12”
  • 8’x8’x12”
  • 7’x7’x38”
  • 8’x8’x38”
  • 82” Round x 12”
  • 80”x80”x12”
  • 88”x80”x12”
  • 90”x90”x12”
  • 94”x86”x12”

Swim Spa Cover Caps – Standard Sizes:

  • 12’x94”x14”
  • 14’x94”x14”
  • 16’x94”x14”
  • 17’x94”x14”
  • 19’x94”x14”

Now made to fit Swim Spas!

An added security for your spa cover. Made from the same marine grade vinyl as our spa covers, the Hurricane Strap is an extra locking strap, which fits across your spa and comes complete with a locking assembly on each end.

Standard Sizes:

  • Small – 107” finished size – fits covers up to 80”
  • Medium – 117” finished size – fits covers up to 90”
  • Large – 123” finished size – fits covers up to 96”

Cradle your head in comfort with HST’s weighted spa pillows. Made from the same marine grade vinyl as our spa covers with a soft foam insert. Pillows available in all colours.

Designed to float on the water’s surface, the THERMAL-FOAM floating spa blanket is lightweight and durable. It protects and extends the life of your spa insulating cover while significantly reducing heat loss and chemical evaporation/consumption. Blue in color and made of 1/8” thick closed-cell polyethylene foam, these blankets are easily cut to size, and much more resistant to “bunching up” than the bubble blankets.

Standard Sizes:

  • 8’x8’
  • 8’x12’
  • 8’x16’
  • 8’x19’

The 8’x 8’ Floating SPA Blanket floats on the water underneath regular spa cover to cap heat in.

• Save heating costs by reducing the demand placed on the heating system and save chemical costs by reducing evaporation.
• Easily cut to fit the exact shape of the spa.

Standard Sizes:

  • 8’x8’
  • 8’x12’
  • 8’x16’
  • 8’x19’