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Classic Mesh:

Many of our dealers have asked us for a cover built to compete in the lower end safety cover market. Classic mesh covers still have the precise fit and finish we are known for, but without the upgraded materials used in our other covers. Classic mesh is an entry level safety cover.


Increased filament sizes and increased number of filaments used, means your Dura-Mesh cover is designed to outperform any other standard mesh cover on the market. By tightening the weave of the filaments and increasing the filament size itself, Dura-Mesh allows much less sand, silt and debris to pass through the cover, while still allowing for rain and melting snow to pass through. Providing 91% shade Dura-Mesh means a cleaner pool in the spring. By using thicker filaments in a denser weave, Dura-Mesh is designed for superior performance under harsh conditions. Dura-Mesh is made with higher abrasion resistance to last longer.

  • 14% Thicker
  • 20% Increase in Tensile Strength in length
  • 60% Increase in Tensile Strength in the width
  • 40% Stronger Burst Strength
  • Significantly better filtration of debris from other standard mesh materials

Smart-Mesh™ *** Patent Approved ***

  • Smart-Mesh is not just another mesh cover! This revolutionary product will give you an edge over your competition. Offer your customers something different, something that works.
  • 100% Shade minimizes algae risk
  • Average filtration down to 40 microns. (Sand filters typically filter to 20-30 microns.)
  • Smart-Mesh is 40% lighter than solid cover material.

Duramesh Colours

Smartmesh Colours