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Can I buy my cover direct from HST?

We do not sell direct to the public. We are a manufacturer with a dealer base that extends across Canada and around the Globe. If you aren’t sure where to buy your cover, send us an e-mail and we can help you locate the best place for you to place your order.

What is the best set up I can get?

The thicker the cover; the better the insulation. Coupled with a floating blanket, a cover cap, and a cover lifter, this set up will provide the best heat insulation, extend the life of your cover.

Can I make changes to my new cover?

Once it is time to replace your cover you may make any changes you would like to your order, such as changing the colour, taper, or upgrade options. We keep a record of all orders and can duplicate your existing cover very easily.

How long should my spa cover last?

With the right care and maintenance, you should expect a 5-7 year life span out of your spa cover. Proper maintenance includes removing heavy loads from on top of the cover, cleaning stains or debris off of the cover using a mild soap and warm water, reducing the amount of sunlight exposure to your cover; utilizing a cover cap.

How do I maintain my cover?

Your cover should be treated with care. In the winter, brush heavy snow loads off the cover to reduce the weight the cover needs to support. In warmer seasons, a mild soap and water can be used to clean the cover. Supporting the cover as it is lifted off the tub, and gently placing it on the ground will ensure that your cover is not subjected to any unnecessary wear and tear.